Tenant farmers seek three-pronged agricultural policy

The Tenant Farmers Association says it is pushing for a new, three pillar agricultural policy to replace the Common Agricultural Policy when the UK leaves the EU.

We need to have a replacement policy to ensure we have a resilient agricultural industry capable of feeding people today and in the future to the highest standards of environmental management, animal welfare and consumer protection.

Stephen Wyrill, Chairman, Tenant Farmers Association

The first pillar would provide a comprehensive reward structure for active farmers delivering high standards of environmental management based on outcomes.

The second pillar would encourage farmers to draw up and implement five year resilience plans, allowing them to access grant funding for infrastructural and other capital investment needed to make those plans a success.

The third pillar is a “properly funded marketing and promotion arm along with a clear strategy for public investment in near market, research, development and technology transfer”.

(Source: Tenant Farmers Association)

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