Brexit is ‘full-blown crisis’ for UK, says EU farm commissioner

European farm commissioner Phil Hogan says Brexit is a headache for the EU but a full-blown crisis for the UK.

“Brexit is a special case — it’s a headache for the [European] Union but a full-blown crisis for the United Kingdom with the high risk of collateral damage for Ireland.”

Phil Hogan, EU farm commissioner

Mr Hogan made the remark in a statement to members of the European affairs committee of the Irish parliament in Dublin.

He told the Irish parliament Agriculture Committee he had no new insight as to what the consequences of Brexit are for Ireland, Britain, cross-border relations or the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

Mr Hogan was echoing the views of most experts when he stated that nobody knows what the future holds.

(Source: Irish Examiner; Statement by EU farm commissioner Phil Hogan)

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