Minister reveals latest thinking on farm policy post-Brexit

A level playing field for UK agriculture post-Brexit is an an out-dated concept with no place in future UK farm policy, says Defra minister George Eustice.

“We’ve been chasing this level playing field, but in fact it doesn’t really exist. I actually think it is the wrong objective to have.”

Defra minister George Eustice

Defra is addressing five key policy areas when it comes to agriculture post-Brexit, Mr Eustice told the Farmers Club on Monday (7 November).

“What I am seeking in the way we design agricultural policy is a competitive advantage,” he said.

“I want the best policy in the world, that gives our agriculture the strongest possible position, to be the most competitive in the world.

The five areas are risk management, agri-environment, agricultural productivity, sharing food chain risks, and animal welfare.

(Source: The Farmers Club)

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