Brexit ‘must unite UK farming and environment policies’

The Food and Drink Federation has called on the UK government to provide “leadership” on farming and environmental policies post-Brexit.

The government’s two 25-year plans to strengthen environment and food and farming policies should be combined alongside energy legislation, said the FDF.

“We definitely need to join together environmental and food policies”

Nick Vermont, Food and Drink Federation.

Defra secretary Andrea Leadsom has confirmed that the frameworks for the two separate 25-year environment and food & farming plans will be launched on separate pathways.

FDF chair Nick Vermont, said the Government’s plan to implement new policies for environmental and farming in isolation from each other was creating a “battle” over UK farmland.

There was a “battle in the fields of Britain” for the best farming land and whether it should be producing maize for digesters, raising cattle or producing crops, he said.

Source: Edie.Net

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