PODCAST: Could Brexit be sweet for British sugar beet sector?

With no sign of trading instructions from Downing Street, producers are still in the dark as to whether Brexit will free them up or tie them down.

Sugar is one of these sectors, but, with British sugar beet farmers already providing over half of the country’s supply, Brexit could be very sweet for their industry.

What opportunities might deregulation afford? And will Britain get a seat at the global sugar industry’s top table?

In this podcast, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson discusses all this and more with British Sugar managing director Paul Kenward and NFU Sugar board member Michael Sly, a Cambridgeshire beet grower.

They are joined by Philip de Pass of the London Sugar Group, representing LDC (Least Developed Countries) / ACP (African and Caribbean Pacific States) countries.

(Source: The Spectator – podcast sponsored by British Sugar)

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