Parts of UK that voted for Brexit may be hardest hit, study finds

Rural areas that voted to leave the European Union are among parts of the UK most vulnerable to the economic impact of Brexit, suggests new research.

The regional analysis by think tank Demos was supported by a separate exercise that looked at the impact of any post-Brexit tariffs on particular industrial sectors.

“Industries at risk of being hit by the highest duties will be agriculture, forestries and fishing; mining and quarrying; and manufacturing,” it said.

“As a result of tariff changes, UK producers of dairy products, confectionery, alcohol and tobacco will be hit with the costliest duties, with the highest tariffs of exports into the EU at 33.5% for dairy produce.”

With Wales in particular facing the possibility of extremely high barriers on the export of lamb to Europe as well as a dependency on EU grants that is nearly three times higher than any other part of the country.

(Source: The Guardian)

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