Brexit subsidy debate ‘must remember importance of home-grown food’

The NFU says politicians must remember the importance of home-grown food as they debate the direction of farm support post-Brexit.

NFU president Meurig Raymond was responding to Defra secretary Michael Gove who said farm support must deliver environmental benefits.

Mr Raymond said: “As the Secretary of State has said, there are very good reasons to provide support for agriculture.

“We deliver for the wellbeing of the nation, providing a traceable, safe and affordable domestic supply of food, to some of the highest standards in the world and which the public trusts.

“We deliver for the environment – managing and maintaining 70% of the landscape, which remains feasible only as long as farmers run viable businesses.

“And we deliver for our economy, providing jobs and driving growth in rural communities.”

Mr Raymond said farmers provided the raw materials for the UK’s food industry that employed 3.8m people and generated £109bn in value for the UK economy.

“This is why a future agricultural policy must be comprehensive in its range, comprising measures for protecting the environment, improving productivity and managing volatility.”

(Source: NFU)

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